IBM Cognos 8 Service Does Not Start or Fails After Starting

DPR-DPR-1035 Dispatcher detected an error.
CAM-CRP-1157 Unable to synchronize the local common symmetric key store with Content Manager.

You start the IBM Cognos 8 service but services either do not start correctly or are very slow to start. After services start, the system fails a short time afterward. While services are starting, Java uses 100 percent of the CPU time. You may also receive multiple occurrences of error messages

If you use a DB2 database for the content store, ensure that the database version and Java version are compatible. For DB2 version 8.2, Java 1.5 is not supported. For DB2 version 9, Java 1.5 is supported on all operating systems except HPUX and Solaris.
To review an up-to-date list of environments supported by IBM Cognos products, such as operating systems, patches, browsers, Web servers, directory servers, database servers, and application servers, visit the the IBM Cognos Resource Center (