IBM Cognos 8 Planning 8.4.1 Now Available for Download

IBM Cognos 8 Planning 8.4.1, is a conformance release to IBM Cognos 8 BI 8.4.1 in which we expanded the value we deliver to our customers and partners in several areas:

Licensing: Simultaneous with the release of IBM Cognos 8 Planning 8.4.1 is a change and expansion of Enterprise Planning Licensing. All customers under Enterprise Planning licensing will be granted equivalent to Enterprise Planning TM1 Contributor rights when they purchase an IBM Cognos Analytic Server and at least one TM1 Modeler Role. Customers not on the Enterprise Planning licensing can Trade-Up their licenses to the current version of Enterprise Planning licenses, if they wish to participate in this expansion. For additional information on these changes, please contact your IBM Account Representative.

Conformance updates include support for Firefox 3.5 & 3.6, Internet Explorer 8, and Windows 7.

Note: No existing conformance items are being removed from this release. All conformance deltas are upgrades to existing items. As with all bugs fixes and features, conformance items added in 8.4 Interim Fixes are being rolled up into 8.4.1.

The following highlights the NEW conformance items

Operating Systems
· Windows 7
· Windows XP SP3
· Windows Vista SP2
· Windows 2008 R2

· DB2 9.7
· SQL Server 2008

· Internet Explorer 8
· Firefox 3.5 & 3.6

IBM Cognos 8 Planning 8.4.1 is now available for download by supported customers from Information about downloading IBM Cognos 8 BI 8.4.1 is available on the Downloading IBM Cognos 8 Planning page.