IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.5 Now Available for Download

IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.5 is the latest version of our IBM Cognos 8 Controller solution. IBM Cognos 8 Controller continues to focus on resolving the challenges in the close, consolidate, and report process by enabling organizations to renew financial consolidation and corporate reporting by:

· Reducing the length of time to close
· Reducing resources consumed during the close process
· Eliminating data and calculation errors
· Ensuring accurate collection of financial results
· Automating financial consolidation procedures
· Providing auditable financial results
· Delivering financial statements
· Delivering financial reporting and analysis

The IBM Cognos 8 Controller solution offers capabilities focused on three key themes:

1. Finance managed
IBM Cognos Controller continues to be unique in the market as the only financial consolidation solution that is built for finance users. The complete application approach enables finance users to define and maintain all financial consolidation rules and process.

2. Built-in best practices
IBM Cognos Controller delivers a complete range of global and local consolidation and reporting requirements “out of the box” – integrated into an application framework.

3. A complete performance management system
IBM Cognos Controller is part of an enterprise performance management platform that contains all the building blocks and solutions to deliver reporting and analysis, scorecarding, planning and budgeting, financial consolidation and reporting requirements “out of the box” – integrated into a menu framework.

IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.5 enhances the solution by delivering:
· Enhanced financial consolidation through extended capabilities. Preparing financial results correctly requires a combination of control and processing integrated into the application. IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.5 introduces components for:
- Allocations – allocating data based on drivers and ratios
- Advanced formula calculations – calculating financial ratios and metrics across closing period boundaries
· Enhanced usability and deployment. IBM Cognos 8 Controller continues to address IT conformance requirements by delivering support for Oracle 11g and SQL Server 2008. Additional language support is available for Russian, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese.
· Extended reporting through incorporation of advanced analytics and reporting. Financial results processed, reviewed, and approved in IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.5 are available in real time via Financial Analytic Publisher. This new capability enables financial information to be analyzed, leveraging high-power OLAP analytics. It also provides extended access to the broader user community, leveraging the entire IBM Cognos 8 BI portfolio. IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.5 is now available for download by supported customers. Information about downloading Cognos 8 Controller 8.5 is available on the Downloading IBM Cognos 8 Controller page.

IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.5 Fix List