IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.4 Fix Pack 1 is now available

IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.4 Fix Pack 1

IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.4 Fix Pack 1 (Service Pack 1) is an update of IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.4 aimed at upgrading existing IBM Cognos 8 Controller customers. This build has gone through a targeted regression suite of tests aimed at testing the roll up of escalated defect resolutions that have gone into the build kit.

This Fix Pack was updated to correct a code signing issue (Clear Quest issue COGCQ00186188) which resulted in a development version message being displayed when installing Controller using the CCRLocalClient.msi package. If you downloaded this Fix Pack prior to June 25/09, you may wish to download and install again to pick up this additional correction.

Customers can access the fix pack on Fix Central and via the download document. Release notes and updated documentation are also available via the download document.

Customers who do not yet have an IBM Web ID can create one at You will need your IBM Customer Number (ICN) to do this. If you do not have an ICN, contact the person within your company responsible for managing the IBM Cognos relationship.