I cannot reach the Content Store

Hello, I read the topics about and checked the solutions, but didn’t solve my problem.

I’m installing Cognos 10.1.1 over a SQLExpress Server. And when I test the connection it doesn’t success… It brings up the generic error “Content Manager is unable to connect to the content store. Verify that the database connection properties in the configuration tool are correct and that when you test the connection, the test is successful.”

I post you all the “relevating info”:

  • DB _ Database Server name changed to “localhost\instance_name”

  • DB _ Collation of the database set to Latin1_General_CI_AS

  • DB _ ODBC x64 from SQL Server 2008 (includes access for 32 bit applications) installed

  • IIS _ Application Pool set

  • IIS _ Allowed acces from 32 bit application

  • FW _ Connections allowed at port 1433 (even tried to turn off the whole firewall to see if that made any difference)

  • Content Store settings: Microsoft SqlServer database , “localhost\instance” , database CM, user/pwd (also checked the user is allright)

I’ve the feeling I’ve read all the solutions to similar problems and checked all them without success… :frowning: Also, an interesting thing is that I success connecting to the database from a small client I found on the web (MiniSQLExpress) with this Data Source in the connection string: “localhost\instance”

Can you please help me? :-[

I’m really desperated :frowning: Any ideas at all? :-[

SQL express is not supported. This might explain your errors