How to Tune a DB2 Content Store

You can take the following steps to improve the speed with which requests are processed.

By default, DB2 assigns tables that contain large objects (LOBS) to a database-managed tablespace. As a result, the LOBS are not managed by the DB2 buffer pools. This results in more direct I/O requests on the LOBS, which affects performance. To reduce the number of direct I/O requests, you reassigning the tables that contain LOBS to a system-managed tablespace.Before changing a DB2 content store, allocate sufficient log space to restructure the database and make sure you have a backup

To reconfigure the DB2 content store, do the following:
1. Export the data from the tables that contain at least one large object (LOB).
2. Create the tables in a system-managed table space.
3. Import the data into the tables.