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How to setup your own avatar in this forum

Select the option ‘profile’ in the top menu
On the lefthand side find the menu option ‘Forum Profile Information’
Now you are in the ‘Profile’ menu like below.

The displayed option is the fastest option to display your avatar.


I just tried this as suggested, and I get an error:

An Error Has Occurred!
The attachments upload directory is not writable. Your attachment or avatar cannot be saved.

I will try hosting the avatar on an external site in the meantime.


Hi MF,

First of all welcome to this forum!
Secondly, thanks for the feedback! Somehow the permissions of the folder had changed… :o
I fixed and tested the avatar upload and it works again

You have earned your first Karma point.! :wink:


Thanks Admin (for the welcome, the avatar fix and the karma - 3 in one! :slight_smile: )

Best regards,