How to set Environment Variables for a Reporting Database

Characters are not displayed correctly in a report.

Incorrect language environment setup

Set the appropriate environment variable for the database vendor.
Use the following environment variables:
- For DataDirect, IANAAppCodePage
- For Informix, CLIENT_LOCALE
- For Oracle, NLS_LANG
- For Redbrick, RB_NLS_LOCALE
- For Sybase, CS_LOCALE
- For Teradata, CharacterSet

Set the environment variable for the user who starts the Cognos 8 service. On UNIX and Linux, you can include the command in the .profile or .login script
of the user who starts the service.
For DataDirect and Teradata, this is set using Session Attributes in the odbc.ini file. For Teradata on UNIX, you also need to set the IANAAppCodePage attribute in the odbc.ini file in some cases.
1. Ensure that the supporting language pack is installed on the computer.
2. Set the language environment variable to the appropriate locale by using the following syntax:
For example, to display English with a European character set on Informix,
For a complete list of supported locales, check the documentation of your database product.