How to save scheduled reports to a local or network location

Follow the steps below to save scheduled reports to a local or network file system.

1. In Cognos Connection, click the 'Server Administration' link.
2. In the Server Administration page, under 'Type', click the 'Services' radio button and then choose Content Manager in the drop-down menu. The Content Manager service appears below the drop-down menu.
3. Under the 'Actions' column, click the 'set properties' button.
4. Click the 'Settings' tab.
5. Under the 'Value' column, click 'Edit'.
6. In the Set advanced settings - ContentManagerService page, select the 'Override the settings acquired from the parent entry' check box. A table appears, in which you can add parameters.
7. Under Parameter, click in a cell and type CM.OUTPUTLOCATION
8. In the corresponding Value cell, type the file system location where you want to store report outputs. Note: for the network file system, use a UNC Path, eg: \\hostname\share_folders, instead of a mapped drive name.
The full file names of the output file and descriptor are passed to the script. For example, D:\cognos8\4386_1974102345000.pdf
9. Click OK.

In Cognos Configuration Manager, on all computers where you installed the Content Manager component:

1. Start Cognos Configuration.
2. In the Explorer window, under 'Data Access', click 'Content Manager'.
3. In the 'Save report outputs to a file system' box, click True or False. (by default this is 'false')
4. From the 'File' menu, click 'Save'.
5. Restart the Cognos 8 service.