How to re point an Query Studio report to a new package?


I created (based on a existing model) a new package and published this package with a new name and location to Cognos Connection. Now i like to re point some existing Query studio reports to this new package.

But i can’t remember and find the place to do this…

Help ???

Hey CognosGuru,

I don’t believe there is a way to do it. Not in old version, nor in latest one 8.4.1. If it is, I would be surprised. How would you know if this possible (you said can’t remember)? Did you done this in a past?


I found it… :smiley:

In the properties of the saved report in Cognos Connection, there is a ‘Link to Package’ option. here i can re point the report to another package for the report.

@ Alex: nice avatar… 8)

Ah… you’re correct. I never knew that you can do this for query studio, but I did use it before for RS reports. Nice!

Thanks for Avatar! I wish I would do that rather than Cognos and other BI stuff… ::slight_smile: