How to know if we're dealing with Star Schema or SnowFlake?

(Not sure if this is the correct forum section i should be posting this question but simply let me know if not the case please)


I usually don’t play with FrameWork Manager as for i usually develop reports when working with Cognos Products but i do remember once or twice beeing
asked to modify certain calculated columns in an existing FrameWorkManager Model (in another job and years ago) and then to publish a package. So sorry if my question seems novice …

My question is the following:

1- I need to know wether the cognos package i will be reporting on is based on a Star Schema Model or wether it is based on a Snow Flake model ? How do i know that if the cognos package has Many Different dimensions (Client, Time, Company, etc …) as well as 3 Fact tables ?

3- The thing is that i will need to add a new fact table to contain a new metric and i don’t think i need to add any new dimensions as for all the dimensions needed seems to already exist.

So my other question would actually be: IN A STAR SCHEMA MODEL or snow flake, can we add new fact tables like we want or is there some special rules to respect ?

Thanks !