How to Keep Content Store Small Sized

During the lifespan of the Cognos content store the size of the database is growing and growing. The content store is getting slower as well.

The size of the content store repository database is growing larger every day. How to control the growth of the database?

1) Keep as few versions of saved report outputs as possible
Saved report outputs are stored in the content store. Therefore only keep the lowest number of versions that still meets user requirements. This is a property possible by modifying the Report output versions settings in a report's properties.

2) Delete any unused Exports from Cognos Content Administration
When you perform a Content Store Export, certain entries are created in the Content Store to facilitate faster future executions of this Export. When you delete an Export from Content Administration it will delete these entries in the Content Store which is fine because all you need to use the export is the ZIP file that is created in the c8_install\deployment directory. You should delete any Exports in Content Administration that aren't scheduled or ran frequently.

3) Run Content Maintenance Consistency Checks through Content Administration to find and fix inconsistencies within the content store or between the content store and external namespaces
Run the consistency check for both Internal references and References to external namespaces. If Find and fix mode is selected it will permanently delete any obsolete data from the Content Store. Note that it is recommended that that you choose the Find mode first and check the results before fixing the Content Store.