How to install Cognos controller client automatically?


Cognos Controller 8.5

How to install the Cognos Controller client automatic?

Sometimes the IT department want to automate the installation of the Cognos Controller Client on the client computer or Citrix server.

You can from a script start the CCRLOCALCLIENT.MSI file and add parameters that will respond to the questions you get when you install.

Copy first the CCRLOCALCLIENT.MSI file to the Client Computer.
You can download it from

Enter below on ONE row in a DOS prompt on the client computer:

msiexec.exe /qb /i ccrlocalclient.msi WSSURL=http://servername/cognos8/controllerserver HELPURL=http://servername/cognos8/controllerhelp

Replace servername above with the name of your Cognos Controller server.