How to install a Cognos FixPack

Installation Instructions

This Fix Pack can only be installed over an existing installation of Cognos 8 of the same version and component. IBM Cognos 8 BI Server downloads should be installed before IBM Cognos 8 Go! Mobile downloads on the same machine.

Applying Fix Packs

Always keep your Cognos 8 BI environment running at the latest Fix Pack level to ensure problem-free operation as possible. To install a Fix Pack successfully, perform all of the tasks described below.

Note 1: To install a Fix Pack, you must first download and uncompress the Fix Pack.

Note 2: If you already have Cognos 8 BI products installed in the selected installation path, you must also stop any Cognos services.

Note 2: To determine component versions in the Fix Pack before install, you must first download, uncompress and either unpack the tar file to disk or read the table of contents of the tar file. Packaged components are in the "zipfiles" directory. This can be done using a program like Winzip or on a Windows system or a combination of the gunzip and tar commands on UNIX as described below.

To install a Fix Pack

1. Check Fix Pack prerequisites

2. Download the correct .tar.gz Fix Pack file which you can download from fixcentral. You can either choose to access the FTP folder directly or you can use a Java applet called Download Director to download the files.
Note: Some browsers may change the downloaded file type from .tar.gz. to a file type not recognized by the operating system. To correct this, change the file type back to .tar.gz or use Download Director to avoid this issue.

3. Uncompress the Fix Pack
Fix Pack installation images on the FTP site are in compressed format. Before you can install a Fix Pack, you must uncompress the Fix Pack installation image in a temporary directory

3.1 Uncompressing Fix Packs (Linux and UNIX)
Copy the Fix Pack to the appropriate UNIX operating system or Linux operating system.
To uncompress a Fix Pack installation image, perform the following steps:
3.1.1 Change to the directory where you have downloaded the Fix Pack installation image .
3.1.2 Use the GNU "gunzip" command to uncompress and the GNU "Tar" command to extract the file.
3.1.3 Enter the following command to uncompress the file:
gunzip filename.tar.gz | tar xvf –
where filename is the fix pack you are installing.

Note: GNU Zip can be obtained from and GNU tar can be obtained from

3.2 Uncompress Fix Packs (Windows)
To uncompress a Fix Pack installation image, perform the following steps:
3.2.1 Change to the directory where you have downloaded the Fix Pack installation image.
3.2.2 Double click the self-extracting .tar.gz file.
The WinZip Self Extractor window opens.
3.2.3 Select the option "use folder names"
3.2.4 Click Unzip.
All files are unzipped to the specified folder.

4. Install the Fix Pack

4.1 Launch the issetup application found under the <operating system> folder
For example under Microsoft Windows XP, the issetup application is issetup.exe and the <operating system> folder is win32.

4.2 Follow the install wizard steps.
The install will update components (as necessary) in the install location indicated.

5. Configure the Fix Pack

5.1 Open Cognos Configuration Manager
5.2 Save the Configuration Manager settings.
5.3 Restart the Cognos server.

6. Test the new Fix Pack
Test the functionallity of the fix pack and see if the problems described in the fix list are working correctly.