How to install 64-bit BI server and 32-bit Metric Server on one server


I have installed a Cognos 8.4.1 - 64 bit server on a single Windows 2008 64-bit machine.

I found out after a long search that Metric 64 bit version does not exist ??? :’(
So i figured that the 32-bit Metric Server has to been installed on a separate folder, but I need some help on the following:

  • what components to be installed on this new separate folder out of the following:
    Application Tier Components, Gateway, Content Manager, Cognos Content Database

  • has anyone done this before (successfully)? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input!

I would say something like this:

  • Install the 64-bit BI server Application Tier and Content Manager in one installation folder.
  • Install the 32-bit BI server gateway, the Metric Server gateway and Application Tier into another installation folder.
  • Point the Cognos virtual directory to the “webcontent” directory of the Metric Server install location and point cognos/cgi-bin also to the cgi-bin directory of the Metric Server install location.
  • configure both configuration managers and test

did not try this myself yet… :wink:

It’s ok?
I want to know this, thanks