How to hide the header and toolbar in the Cognos 10.1 viewer

After upgrade, header and toolbar are visible in Cognos 10.1

After upgrading from Cognos 8.4 to Cognos 10.1, not all custom formating transferred automatically. The dashboard layout in Cognos 10.1 not synchronized like in Cognos 8.4, header and toolbar are not visible in Cognos 8.4 but are visible in Cognos 10.1

Code (html/java script) used to modify/customize particular report in Cognos 8.4

.mainHeader1{ display: none; }
.mainViewerHeader3{ display:none; }

This code is not replicated in Cognos 10.1 after upgrade. Cognos 10.1 configuration files folder structure and design/configuration files are different in Cognos 8.4

IBM Cognos BI 10.1.0, Windows XP, Apache HTTP Server 2.2, IE 8

In IBM Cognos BI 10.1 to modify appearance of your Cognos viewer window, hide header and other elements you can edit the relevant style sheets files located in the directory c10_location/webcontent/skins/style/viewer. (graphics specific to a particular component style, such as banner.gif, are located in the images subdirectory). Modify following files:
TIP: always backup your original files beore editing so if something goes wrong, you got original copy.

• RVReport.css - defines report styles for IBM Cognos Viewer.

• QSRVCommonUI.css - defines styles for the Query Studio and IBM Cognos Viewer
interfaces, including the application title area and navigation

Also you can do modifications by editing system.xml file, NOTE: make backup of the original before editing, and perform following steps:

• Stop the IBM Cognos service.
• Open the system.xml file in one of the following locations:

1. c10_location/templates/ps/portal - use the system.xml file in this directory to hide user interface elements in Public Folders or My Folders.
2. c10_location/templates/ps - use the system.xml file in this directory to hide user interface elements in pages and dashboards with multiple tabs.

- Next to hide the IBM Cognos Connection header and for example new job button edit as following in <system> element:

<param name="ui_hide">

– Or to hide even more elements:

<param name="ui_hide">



- OR you can do following to hide disabled buttons:

• Find the hideInaccessibleTabs parameter and change its value to true.
• Save the system.xml file.
• Restart the IBM Cognos service.

More information:
from page 632 onwards, you can find instruction on different available options