How to find the Cognos uninstall log file


The Installation and Configuration guide indicates that a file is created at the time of uninstall which tracks the components and files removed by the operation.
Where is this directory and file located?
A explorer search will not return any results for "cognos_uninst_log.htm"


There are a few causes of no search results:
The file extension created by the uninstall process is TXT, rather than HTM. Specifying the extension as HTM will cause no results to be returned.
Windows search may not review folders beyond a certain depth, so the TEMP folder location may not be covered in a search.

Find the uninstall log in the TEMP folder location by reviewing the computer properties:
1. Right click on "My Computer" and select properties
2. Click on the "Advanced" tab
3. Click on the "Environment Variables" button
4. Review the TEMP location that is generated by the operating system for your login
5. Navigate to this folder and look for cognos_uninst_log.txt