How to extract lost Report Specs from the Content Store with CMtester


RSV-BBP-0026 The authored report '/content/package[@name=]/report[@name=]' has no specification.

Users has made some changes and was unable to open the report again from the Report Studio. They might also be getting the following error messages.

There might be a slight possibility that the report is still in the Content Store. In this case we could use CM Tester to retrieve it and copy it to the Clipboard.

To retrieve the reports specs from the Content Store you could utilise CM Tester via the instructions below,

1. Launch Browser and navigate to http:///cognos8/cm_tester.htm
2. Use the options button to set the Content Manager URL
3. Use the logon button if authentication is required
4. Use the "query" template and then click Send. When prompted, put in the report search path. e.g. Package/Report Name) find path of your report : "set propertes" > "General" tab > select link "View the search path, ID and URL" > copy all "search path"
For the first property prompt use the default defaultName for the second property prompt use "specification"
After report spec retrieving, paste the content inside notepad and replace the following characters:
replace " with "
replace ' with '
replace < with <
replace > with >
replace & with &
5. Copy the content between and tags to the clipboard
6. From Report Studio, go to Tools -> Open Report from Clipboard and run the report