How to export the settings stored inside Controller Configuration


i have to upgrade controller 8.2 -> 8.5. I know how to export the settings of Cognos configuration manager, but what about the controller configuration? How do i export these settings and are there more settings i must think of???


During an upgrade from Controller 8.x to 8.y, many of the settings (stored inside Controller Configuration, COM+, directory security) are lost. Therefore, after the new Controller software has been installed, many of these settings must be manually re-typed in.

For this reason, i always make screenshots of these settings before the upgrade… there must be a better way but i have not seen this yet… :-\

Are you looking for this? 8)

  1. Create a batch file (for example ‘controllerconfigbackup.bat’)
  2. Copy and paste the following into this batch file:
REM Copy the file to the C8 location 
REM TIP: Default location = C:\Program Files\cognos\c8
REM Double-click to run this batch file The current settings will then be exported into a subfolder
REM of c8 such as "upgrade_controller_<computername>_<username>"
set bup=upgrade_controller_%COMPUTERNAME%_%USERNAME%
mkdir %bup%

copy cmplst.txt %bup%

mkdir %bup%\data
copy data\*.udl %bup%\data

mkdir %bup%\DMData
copy DMData\*.udl %bup%\DMData

mkdir %bup%\ControllerProxyServer
copy ControllerProxyServer\Web.config %bup%\ControllerProxyServer
copy ControllerProxyServer\import.config %bup%\ControllerProxyServer

mkdir %bup%\webcontent\ccr
copy webcontent\ccr\ccr.exe.config %bup%\webcontent\ccr\ccr.exe.config

regedit /E %bup%\HKLM_SW_VBsettings_FrangoController_Shares.reg.txt "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VB and VBA Program Settings\FrangoController\Shares"
regedit /E %bup%\HKLM_SW_VBsettings_FrangoController.reg.txt "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VB and VBA Program Settings\FrangoController"

%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\caspol -lg > %bup%\caspol_groups.txt

cd bin
call cogconfig.bat -e ..\%bup%\conf_exp_bup.xml
echo %errorlevel%
cd ..

copy cmplst.txt %bup%

  1. Copy the batch file to the Cognos 8 installation location
  2. Run the batch file

The current settings will then be exported into a subfolder of c8, similar to: upgrade_controller

Can you explain little more about the settings stored inside Controller Configuration.