How to enable Metric Dumping

Steps to Enable Metric Dumping in IBM Cognos Administration

1. Open IBM Cognos Connection by connecting to the IBM Cognos 8 portal and clicking IBM Cognos Content on the Welcome page.
2. In the upper-right corner, click Launch, IBM Cognos Administration.
3. On the Configuration tab, click Dispatchers and Services.
4. Click the set properties button.
5. Click the Settings tab.
6. For the Environment category, in the Name column, next to Advanced settings, in the Value column, click Edit.
7. In the Set advanced settings page, in the Parameter column, type the following advanced setting:
Note that the setting name is case sensitive.
8. In the Value column, type the URL of the dispatcher, and click OK twice.
Tip: You can also delete this setting. To do this, click the check box next to the setting, click Delete, and click OK twice.

Steps to Change Settings for Metric Dumping
Open the file c8_location\configuration\metricdumpconfiguration.xml in an editor.
To configure the resources for which metrics are to be logged, specify the resource in the following section:

For example, to specify a service

To change the file name and path, edit the following line:

To change the time interval for dumping, in milliseconds, edit the following line:

To change the maximum number of dumps, edit the following line:
<count>-1</count>where -1 is unlimited

To change the maximum file size before rollover, edit the following line:

To change the number of metric dump files to keep, edit the following line:
<rollover>1</rollover>Save the changes.