How to create users in Cognos?

Sorry for very simple questions - I’m just starting with Cognos, I’ve used SAP’s Business Objects extensively before…
The first thing I’m trying to figure out is how to create a new user in Cognos? I found information on how to create Groups and Roles in the Cognos Administration (in IBM Cognos Administration, I think), but not users… In SAP’s BOBJ you cuold do all of this in CMC - is there an equivalent in Cognos?

Also, I’m a bit confused - what is the difference between IBM Cognos Administration and IBM Cognos Configuration? I have installed the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Server 32-bit 10.1.0 - and I was able to get tot he Cognos Connection and from their to Cognos Administration. But how do I get to the Configuration?

thanks for being patient…

You don’t create users in Cognos. You create them in your authentication source (Active directory, LDAP, Siteminder…etc.).

Administration is accessed via the Cognos Portal using a browser.
Cog Config is the tool run on the server install to configure cognos. Start>Programs>Cognos>Cognos Config, or /opt/IBM/cognos/bin/ (Must be in and xwindow or have an xserver running, and java installed).

Thank you , Grim, for your quick answer.
I guess there is no way to manage users internally in Cognos then as they do it in Business Objects CMC.

Yes, like Grim said.

once the authentication source is connected all the users in the authentication source can be made a member of a predefinded role or group. Of course ou can make new onces as well.

If the account is removed from the authentication source, the user profile is also delete from Cognos, and can not login anymore.