How to create report using cognos connection?

Hi All,
I have installed cognos8.4.1 on linux system(all server components only) and used default cognos content database. I don’t have framework manager installed. Actually, I want to make reports using the data stored in db2 server on same machine in ncim database. I am not getting how to create packages, Does It require Framework manager or Metric Manager? If it requires FM, How could I get installed on any windows machine because FM couldn’t be installed on linux machine. Please help me out.

hi Rajeevra,

you are right. Framework manager can only be installed on a windows based pc/laptop. After installation you have to open configuration manager on the pc/laptop and point the “gateway URL” to the linux cognos server. And save the configuration. Now you can start framework manager.

Framework manager is used to create a meta data model on a datasource. In your case it is a DB2 database. Once you are ready you have to publish the model to Cognos Connection. After that you can build reports with a studio of choice.

good luck!

I have mentioned the cognos environment. The next step is to install the FM but I am not getting the binaries compatible with my environment. The db2 database which is to be used for reporting exists on the same server as cognos server components. As the FM should be installed on windows machine how it could be configured with the db2 database? Please help me out.
Thanks for your kind support.