How to create a simple or basic agent in event studio?

Hi, I am a newbie and want to create an agent in Event Studio. I want to run an agent which runs a saved report on meeting an event of vss>5000. I tried to do so and my agent executes successfully but It doesn’t open up any event. Eventhough I have various columns which has vss > 5000.
Please suggest the steps to do the same.

Specify an Event Condition
You want the agent to detect cases where the actual value of returned products is greater than the threshold value that the person running the agent defines.
Also, you want to see what parameter value would return an event list of between 5 and 10 items from the current data.

1.Click the Detail tab.
2.In the Insertable Objects area, click the source tab .
3.Expand Returned items (query).
4.Under Returned items (query), expand Returned items.
5.Click the Return quantity measure item, and drag it into the expression box.
6.After the source item you just inserted, type

0 and

7.On the data items tab , click the order_item_return_value_calc calculation that you defined previously, and drag it to the end of the expression.
8.At the end of the expression, type a greater than symbol:

9.Click the parameters tab , click the total_return_value parameter that you defined previously, and drag it to the end of the expression.
10.At the end of the expression, type

11.On the source tab, under Returned items (query), expand Return reason.
12.Click Reason description, and drag it to the end of the expression.
13.At the end of the expression, type

14.To include only the description types you want, do the following:
•On the source tab, under Return reason, click Reason description.
•Above the Expression box, click the select value button .
•In the Select Value window, use Shift+Click to select Incomplete product, Unsatisfactory product, and Defective product.
•Click the insert button , and click OK.
The detail expression appears as follows:

[Return quantity]>0 and [order_item_return_value_calc]>?total_return_value_for_item? and [Reason description] in (‘Defective product’,‘Incomplete product’,‘Unsatisfactory product’)

15.Do the following to see whether an event list of between 5 to 10 items is returned when the total return value calculation exceeds $4000:
•From the Actions menu, click Preview.
•On the report viewer Prompt pages, in the Provide a number box, type

•Click OK.

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