How to create a Condensed List Report


Available data - Customer ID, First and Last Name, Street, City, State,State/Province, Postal Code.


Create a report that has ID, First and Last name in separate fields and complete customer address in single field.


1. Create a basic list report.

2. Add the following items to your report: Id, First Name, Last Name, Street Line1,Street Line2, City, State_Province, Postal_Code.

2. On the toolbar, click Unlock (Currently Locked) to unlock the cells of the report, and then from the Insertable Objects pane, click the Toolbox tab.

3. Drag a Table to the Street column to the right of <STREET>, with 1 column and 4 rows, and then click OK.

4. Drag STREET into the first row of the table, drag CITY into the second row, drag STATE_PROVINCE into the third row, drag POSTAL_CODE into the fourth row.

5. From the Insertable Objects pane, drag a Text Item to the left of the STREET object in the table.

6. In the Text box, press the spacebar, type Address:, press the spacebar again, and then click OK.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add Text Item objects reading City:, State:, and Zip Code:.

8. Ctrl+click the CITY, STATE_PROVINCE, and POSTAL_CODE columns, and then press Delete.

9. From the toolbar, click Lock (Currently Unlocked) to lock the cells of the report.

10. Save and run the report.