How to automate Framework manager CSV output

Useful for versions prior Cognos 8.3 and for a mixed environment CRN and Series 7

Thanks to this command, every time the cube is built, the necessary latest data is written to csv format and will be used by transformer.

  • Create Query Subject(s) with property Externalize Method set to CSV
  • Create Package with these CSV Query Subjects
  • Publish this CSV package (select externalized query subjects check box)
  • Select View transaction history in Project menu
  • Go to the last transaction
  • Select last step (publish)
  • Press “Save as Script” button
  • Save in your work directory, e.g. name is: PublishCSVScript.xml
  • Save you model
  • Edit your transformer batch file (which will be scheduled) and add the following command line before running transfrmr.exe
"C:\Program Files\Cognos\crn\bin\BmtScriptPlayer" -m <workdir>\modelname.cpf -a <workdir>\PublishCSVScript.xml