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How to add newly created dimension to existing cube?

Hi to all,

I have this existing cube.
I create a new dimension.
How do i associate this newly created dimension to that existing cube ?

Thanks !

Hello this is the information i received on another forum:

The only way you can add a new dimension to a cube in TM1 is by rebuilding the cube.
So you need to

  • export the current cube contents and save the rulessheet (if any) to a notepad file,
  • delete the current cube,
  • recreate the cube with the additional dimension,
  • add the rules from the notepad file (check for changed DB references because of the additional dimension),
  • reload the exported data and
  • recreate views and apply security (if appliccable).

Instead of reloading the exported data (where you need to map the data to an element in the newly added dimension), you can also reload - if available - the data from the sourde DB and now fully map this dataload including the new dimension