How to access User’s My Folders in Cognos Connection

How to access User’s My Folders in Cognos Connection:

Scenario: At times, a User tells us that there is this Sale (or any other) Report is his/her My Folder’s which is not showing the correct results.

Problem: How to check the issue in the report which is located only in User’s My Folders.

Solution: We will show a set of steps in order to access User’s My Folder and copy stuff from there. Once you can copy the report from user’s My Folders, You can paste it in Public Folders and then track the issue.

Prerequisite: You need to have Admin Rights.

Step 1: Launch Cognos Administration from Cognos connection as shown below

Step 2: Go to Security and click on Active Directory as shown below:

Step 3: After reaching inside Active Directory, You can either search for the folder where the user belong to or else you can search for the user as shown below

Step 4: When you click on the particular user, you will see My Folders link as below. Click on the “My Folders” link.

Step 5: You can select the checkbox for particular object(report/folder) in user’s my folder and copy it using copy icon as shown below.

Now you can paste it anywhere in public folders and then test the report.

Hope it helps.