How do you create a Master Detail Relationship in Cognos 8


Associate the master query to a Page break so that the two Queries are not at the same level. Query 1 is associated to the Page Break, Query 2 is associated to the List.
These steps describe how to have two lists on a single page, and have a Master Detail relationship between them.
1. Open Report Studio and insert two lists on one page.
2. Add the required columns to both lists.
3. In the master list, group the column that is to be used as the link in the master detail relationship.
4. Insert a filter into the master list so that you only see the records that you want to see in the child list.
5. From the View menu, select 'Report Pages’
6. Click anywhere on Page1 to enable the ‘Properties’ pane on the bottom left of the screen.
7. In the Properties pane, under ‘Data\Query’ link the master query to the page.
8. Double-click anywhere on Page1 to return to the report layout screen.
9. Click anywhere on the detail query. From the ‘Data’ menu, click ‘Master Detail Relationships’.
10. Create a ‘New Link’ to establish the appropriate relationship between the two queries.
11. Click 'OK’