How do I show cube refresh timestamp in Cognos 8.3 Anaylsis studio report

Hi Cognos cracks,

I was just researching how to do this…

I have Cognos 8.3 rtm running and i like to add the cube refresh timestamp to the header of my report. I read that it is possible in 8.4.(1?),. But is it possible in 8.3 as well or am i wasting my time and should i try something else beside upgrading? :frowning:

I don’t have 8.3 installed anywhere to try this, but don’t you have CubeDataUpdatedOn() function available there? You may try that one, if of course you didn’t do this yet?

isn’t CubeDataUpdatedOn() not a function only usable in report studio as an html item? How can i use this in a analysis report then?? :frowning:

You mentioned report, not analysis studio, but anyway, in report you will use it with Layout calculation that references the function CubeDataUpdatedOn(). If you still need to use it just for Analysis Studio report, you may save it first as RS template and then open it with AS. Open AS then go to Run>Report Options choose Report Template tab. See it in my attachment.

Hope this time it helps… ::slight_smile: