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How do i create a new TM1 server?


i played a little with the TM1 samples, which i installed during the TM1 installation.

Now i like to create a new server for TM1, but what is the best way to do this?


To create a new TM1 server you must first create a data directory, this directory must have at very least 2 files (copied from the sample data directories for example)

* ‘tm1s.cfg’
* ‘tm1s.lic’

The configuration file (tm1s.cfg) should specify:

* Server Name
* Server Admin-host
* Data Directory
* Logging Directory
* Server Port
* Any Additional Configurations (Max Log in Attempts)

The typical directory structure of an Application Server looks like this:

* Server Name (NOTE: No Spaces!)
      o Data (tm1s.cfg,tm1s.lic and other files)
      o Logging/Logfiles (tm1s.log, tm1server.log)
      o DataSources (Shared Directory)
      o DataOutputs (Shared Directory)


I don’t Know about Old Methods much, But U can make a new server By following Steps

1st . Make a folder give name Data or related something You want. This Folder Saves all data Directory and Tm1 Objects

2nd Go to IBM Configuration and right click on TM1 Server Then Choose New Resources then Tm1 Server Instance and then Give name to the server and select ok

3rd Give path in Right side Of that new folder which You have Created. and then click Middle column, Now path is set

4th Select the Newly Created server In TM1 Server, Right Click on it and press Start
All Done …