How can i make a ranking like top 20?


how can i make an easy top ranking in report studio 8.4?
I do not use report studio a lot and i see a lot of functions but not a rank button like in the good old Powerplay web… :-[

You can drag a data item into your query and use the rank function. Put that into your layout and see if you get the results you’re after (you may need to play around with the scope by using the “for” clause depending on your requirements).

Once you see what you want for the ranking, you can use that data item as a filter such as [rankItem] <= 20. You may need to use “After Auto Aggregation” as the setting for the filter’s “Application” property.

Is your source relational or dimensional? If relational, grab the rank function from the “Summaries” in the functions tab. There is a “Member Summaries” folder that has a rank function intended for dimensional sources. I have less experience in the dimensional world, but I’ve done as described for relational sources quite a few times.

If it is a dimensional source, you could try doing it in Analysis Studio (which has a rank button) and then opening in Report Studio.

Good Luck!

In order to accomplish this in report studio, simply follow these steps

  1. Create a new report (default or template)
  2. Go to your query and add a new data item
  3. Type in the following function “topCount()”
  4. The first parameter is the data that you want to rank (i.e. region, brand, customersite, etc…)
  5. The second parameter is the number of items you want to return (i.e. 10, 20, 25, etc…)
  6. The last parameter needed for the function above is the measure you want to rank on (i.e. sales, gross margin, etc…)

Now that you have your data item, you can then add the measure that you ranked on or any other fields necessary for the report.

If your report is a list report (not a cross tab) then you should review the section in the RS user guide called “Limitations When Using Set Expressions in List Reports” which indicates topCount might not be the best choice for a relational list report.

The details of your situation will dictate the best approach for you.

How would you take that to the next level and use rank or topcount to filter the within a group?
eg. Top 5 accounts in each sales region.