Help! You cant delete objects of type "Crosstab Intersection"

I had a consultant at our company help me construct a prompt page for a crosstab report I’m building and what he did was nest a Time Member for each query calculation column on my report. The dilemma is that he’s not here now and I dont want to show every column that contains the query calculation because its a “behind the scene” formula. When I “cut” the column the hidden column appears without a header and I cant hide it!


           Last Year                     Current Year                
           Revenue                       Revenue                    Price Formula Final        Price Formula 1

Products <#1234#> <#1234#> <#1234#> <#1234#>

If I “cut” Price Formula 1, <#1234#> will show without a heading because of the hidden time member. I’d like to ultimately hide the entire column. Please note each price formula column contains tuples.


Here’s what I did for a “TEMPORARY” fix:

  • Went to the properties box for each cell and hit the drop down under “Define Contents” to “Yes”, which made each value <#1234#> go blank in the cross tab.
  • Then, I went to the properties box for the column headings and clicked the drop down for “Source Type” and selected “Report Expression”

This made all the contents return blank, but the grid’s still show when you export them to excel or run the report. The ultimate goal is to hide the entire columns… Any suggestions would be great.


Hi Gerry,

Have you tried to set the box type to ‘none’? This property will use the item but not generate (show) it in the report.




Thank you so much for pointing that out to me! It worked!! ;D

My next challenge is adding an aggregate line to a set when the formulas are dependent on 3000+ lines of SKU level data. I’ll be sure to post up if I cant figure this one out again!

Thanks again