Help with Total calculation


New to the website… I have a simple total calculation question.


If Price is 0 and Volume is 50 I want the total to show 50 and not /0. Is this possible? I have a few query calculations dependent on the total and its messing everything up.


Hi Gerry,

welcome to this forum!

I have 2 questions for you:

  1. What is the datasource your building your report on? A cube, then you can create a calculated measure for it.
  2. What are trying to calculate? price per item? and if you get the value 50 in your total column, this will mess your calculation, right? If you have 50 items which are free (price = 0) would you not want 0 in the total instead of 50?


If I am understanding your question, another possibility is an IF statement. Something like this:

IF (column = 0 )
( column that contains 50 )
( column a / column b )

Hope that helps.