HELP: COGNOS 8 framework after publishing getting conversion errors in reports

I have rolled back by publishing package from development model; I was working few months ago.
I cant found the issue with the my current FinanceDB model. When publish the model the all the reports point to the package get conversion errors. What is a good starting point to found the issue? It is almost like the the model has a new package name when published but framework is asking me to overwrite the current model.

When I run the reports the prompt pages come up but the error shows when I click on Finish Button.

I have search the internet to the end and have found no help.

Error in Reports

Overwrite Package

Broken Package

Devlopment Package- Temp Fix

I think we found the problem. We had a bunch of relationships created inside the model top level that were not there before. The werid thing is the relationships was setup to join Presentation layer and Data layer. How would have these been created? Were not sure.