Global prompts or filters for dashboards


I am looking to combine several dashboards on one area, using 1 prompt to control all the dashboards (global prompt). When I looked at IBM’s documentation, I got information for reports but dashboards was a clickable link that didn’t take me to something I understood as being for global prompts. I looked at Youtube, since there has been some good videos out there, but saw nothing on global prompts.

I had one person that responded to me elsewhere, about creating a prompt that wasn’t in a report, but didn’t understand how that worked for my issue and they weren’t able to answer that.

Can any one point me in a good direction for documentation on steps for global prompts for dashboards for Cognos 10?



you want to learn in detail about the global filters, you can search it in the Cognos connection user guide… there is a seperate chapter called " Pages and Dashboards" in which they have explained in detail about the portal tabs, dashboards and Global filters…

use a global filter to pass a single prompt page value to multiple (tabbed) reports.

You need an initial default

There are many ways to add a default:

  1. Use a macro expression with a default #prompt(‘myparametername’,‘token’,‘mydefault’)#
    (this gives you some degree of dynamic default)

  2. Save a default against prompt values in the report properties

  3. Create a report view which has defaults set and reference the report view

Make sure to put autosubmit off

Further i need more info, first try to make a promptpage in the dashboard for multiple reports and put here your findings.