Getting error while running Cognos Configuration in silent mode

In Cognos Configuration a new font, for example, 'Utopia' is added to the supported fonts list from "Edit Global Configurations"

From the command prompt user invokes "cogconfig.bat -s" command to run the Cognos Configuration in the silent mode but gets the following error in the log file or when exporting the Cognos Configuration content:
"The parameter named 'Physical fonts map' located in 'Environment' is currently invalid."

The font was installed on the same Cognos system to the default font locations.

Remove the physical font mapping since no mapping is required if user adds a font to the supported font list that is installed on the same Cognos system:
1. Open Cognos Configuration
2. Click on Environment
3. In the Properties window, click the Value box next to the Physical fonts map property, and then click the edit button

The Value - Physical fonts map dialog box appears.

4. Select the check box next to the font and click Remove.
5. Click OK.
6. From the File menu, click Save.