Get "clean" report path

Hey Admins,

I’m trying to get “clean” report path for giving Cognos report using Audit package “Run Reports>Report search path” or “COGIPF_RUNREPORT>REPORT PATH”. What I’m getting now is /content/folder[@name=‘Folder1’]/folder[@name=‘Folder2’]/folder[@name=‘Folder3’]/folder[@name=‘Folder4’]/report[@name=‘MyReport’], but what I expected is Folder1>Folder2>Folder3>Folder4>MyReport. I tried play with SUBSTR, INSTR and LENGTH (REPLACE is not working) functions (I’m using Oracle 10g), but already killed most of my afternoon, but didn’t go far. Even if I’m getting one scenario, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get dynamic folder structure all the time i.e. one time I’ll have 4 folders and next time it will be 2 or 5, so not sure how to capture that.

Wondering if anyone already has done this…

Thanks in advance guys!


Come on guys… nobody have done this before? I can’t believe so… Anything would help. ::slight_smile:

pffff, let me think… :-\

what is the purpose of a clean report path? Do you want to report directly on the audit database and change the path format in a report, or preform a ETL job and write the result in a new table and query on this table?

let me know :wink:


I need this for a report. Report with a status/health of the system, so this will be part of dashboard. Displaying path directly from Audit db would be a garbage, don’t you think?

Thanks for looking into it!


i ‘fixed’ this a different way. I cleaned the path up with ultra edit macro and used the clean report path to load into a transformer model.

Find "/content/folder[@name=’"
Find "/content/folder[@name=’"
Replace All "Public Folders /"
Find "’]/folder[@name=’"
Replace All "/"
Find "’]/report[@name=’"
Replace All "/"
Find "’]"
Replace All “”

Thanks Admin for this hint, but unfortunately my system on Windows and I still didn’t find a “clean” answer for it… :-[

i used ultra-edit as a reformat (kind of ETL)step in order to get the format i wanted and loaded the results from MotioPI and Cognos audit data in a database. With framework manager i created a framework in order to run reports with it.

btw. ultra edit is a powerful editor on windows.

i was not able to get it to work in report studio properly, without the reformat step with ultraedit. :-\

I’m not familiar with this tool and it’s not free if I want to try it, but anyway, I guess I’m missing something with your method. If you used built-in ultra-edit macro, how can you use it with FM? Can you provide a little more insight on that?

Thank you!