Framework Manager asking for username/passwd while selecting the datasource

Here i have problem:
I’m creating Data source from Framework manager and while I’m creating framework manager data source that it is successfully created but while I’m trying to select that same datasource that time it is asking again user id/pass ,then i’m putting same id/passwd what i put in datasource creation time, but it is saying user id /passwd missing or wrong , so I’m wondering why it is asking again , generally it shouldn’t be asking id/paswd once we had done datasource creation. ::slight_smile:
Any help would be appreciated.

What type of datasource are you talking about?

do you see this behavior only on a development client or also on the Cognos server itself?

I got the solution. :slight_smile:
Actully the database i was using on client side wasn’t properly catalog with the server database. I uncatalog and catalog, now its working fine for me.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Thans for sharing !