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FM create detail filter with parameter which will be provided in Report Studio

Dear All,

I am trying to create below detail filter on query subject in Framework manager:

[BUSINESS VIEW].[T_Status].[DISPLAY_DATE] in_range ?Date_Range?. I have marked the usage of this filter as ALWAYS.

The Date_Range is the parameter whose value will be provided while running the report i.e. through date range prompt. Please note Date_Range variable is assigned to data range prompt created on prompt page using report studio.

When I am trying to validate this Query subject with the filter, it gives an error :

XQE-QRY-0404 There are parameters or variables that require values. Also query subject is marked as broken.

  1. Any idea why I am getting this error
  2. Is it possible to create a filter with parameter in FM whose value will be provided during Report execution ?

Happy New Year.