Fiscal Year in Transformer 8.4

Hey guys,

Have question for you, I’m trying to build a cube from existing one that works perfectly fine, but now I need to use FY instead of calendar, which starts always April 1st. So, I put together a new Time dimension base on date_sk field which is ‘YYYYMMDD’ format. Built my cube, but now all my years shifted one year ahead: beginning of time is January 1st 2006 and my hierarchy looks like this: 2006 has Jan, Feb and Mar. 2007 starts as expected from April 2006, but come on, why 2007… it should be 2006 for my business scenario. How can I make 2006 starts at April 2006 and so on… I already try to change Preferences for “Enable lunar fiscar labeling”, but it didn’t help at all.
Can someone let me know if I missed something here?



This behavior is there at least from Powerplay 6.0… Transformer takes the last month and picks up the year from that member… why ??? i don’t know.

I was thinking about the label option for the year dimension in the transformer model

Insert a calculated column with YEAR(DATE), where DATE is the date-Field from the source database, and used this field as label for the YEAR-Level in the dimension-View. The source tab -> add association -> label -> YEAR(DATE)

Generate the dimension structure all over again.


Thanks for the reply! I want to clarify something… you said that Transformer takes the last month and picks up the year from that member, but that is not happening… it shifting? When I have April 2006, it put into 2007 bucket. I want current year always start from April of giving year and not shifted one year farther.
Your option with Label may work, but I’m not sure how that will behave for flipping over physical year i.e. Jan 2007, label will be 2007, not 2006 as desire. Am I missing something? Of course I have to try this to confirm it, but I have no bandwidth today to get that done…

Thanks again for your advices!