FireFox Browser versus IE

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I have installed Cognos 8.4.1. and all works fine under Internet Explorer 6 and higher. But when I start FireFox, this browser gives another picture.
The Tab are larger and there are no seperations. Also the fonts are bigger.
My general question is, are there big difference between IE and FireFox. Known issues perhaps?

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Nico Raspoort

The only thing i noticed is the problem with some kind of javascripts displaying in firefox and not in IE. (security settings in IE)

This issue is weird though i dont have such kind of problems and 8.4.1. supposed to be firefox friendly.
It also depends what version of IE you are using offcourse.

I’ve worked with Cognos 8.4.1 on:

[ul][li]IE 7[/li]
[li]IE 8[/li]
[li]Firefox 3.5.x[/li]
[li]Firefox 3.6.x[/li]
[li]Firefox 4.x[/li][/ul]

I didn’t have any issues and haven’t noticed anything on Cognos 10.1

The only Cognos component where I’ve had trouble is Cognos Virtual View Manager 10.1. I’ve had javascript errors on both IE & Firefox. It seems that if you want to use the VVM Manager you need Firefox to be at version or below. I’m not sure how low you need to go for IE(I only use it to download Firefox).

What version of Firefox are you using?

Hi There,

Thank you for the replies. And I found it. Its very silly but a “}” was the problem in default.css. Internet Explorer works fine but FireFox not.

width: 100%;

The missing accolade was the problem with FireFox :(. With Beyond Compare I found the difference.

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Nico Raspoort

Thanks Nico!

i’ll keep this one on my mind! :wink:

I have tried using cognos using both Firefox as well as IE. Cognos work well and quite better in performance in IE while in Firefox the speed reduces.