Filters on cube


I have 2 questions regardering report studio reports based on a cube:

  1. In the colums i have the period and 2 measures under it, lets say A and B.
    If the selected Period for example May i want to show for the period 1 to 5 measure A and from 6 to 12 Measure B.

It always contains a year if there is trend data available.
Anyone got a idea on this, i know how to do it on a relational model but not on a dimensional model.

  1. If i use the date prompt based on a date and i created a Mun based on a query.
    Do i put the dataitem in all query’s ? or do i use it only as a slicer?
    Or shall iput the filter function of the 2 dates between in a data item.

Something like this:
[Time Dimension].[My Hierarchy].[Date],
roleValue(’_businessKey’, currentMember([Time Dimension].[My Hierarchy])) >= #sq(prompt(‘From’, ‘Date’))# and
roleValue(’_businessKey’, currentMember([Time Dimension].[My Hierarchy])) <= #sq(prompt(‘To’, ‘Date’))#

Can anyone give me some tips?

Thx in advance.


my own solution to this question ::slight_smile:

[Inkoopleverperformance (cube)].[Besteldatum (KJ)].[Besteldatum (KJ)])) <=
#sq(substitute(’-’,’/’,substitute(’-’,’/’,prompt(‘ToDate’,‘token’,‘caption(closingperiod([Inkoopleverperformance (cube)].[Besteldatum (KJ)].[Besteldatum (KJ)].[Day])’))))#
[Inkoopleverperformance (cube)].[Besteldatum (KJ)].[Besteldatum (KJ)])) >=
#sq(substitute(’-’,’/’,substitute(’-’,’/’,prompt(‘FromDate’,‘token’,‘caption(lag(closingperiod([Inkoopleverperformance (cube)].[Besteldatum (KJ)].[Besteldatum (KJ)].[Day]),30))’))))#