Failed to get metadata from database\' error generating FM model in CAC

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 2: Incorrect Syntax near '\'.
After changing the publish container connection string from trusted to specific userid (domain\userid) and password the error is the following one:
Failed to get metadata from database [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid Object name "RE04RTNetPlanCape_table.RE04_data_user.P_APPLICATIONOBJECT".]

This field is displayed on the search results webpage seen by customers, and effects search ranking and relevance. User receives an error when using the Generate Framework Manager Model extension in the Contributor Administration

IBM Cognos 8 Planning Service runs as an user with a '\' (domain\username), this account format does not work correctly when creating a FM model from the CAC. Use SQL authentication for the publish publish connection string instead of Trusted connection.

1. Create an SQL account in the SQL server.
2. Open the Contributor Administration Console as an administrator.
3. Expand Datastores|Datastore Name|Applications|Application Name|Production|Publish and click on Table-only Layout.
4. Click on the 'Options' tab and click the 'Configure' button.
5. Expand the datastore, select the publish container your are using for this application, and click the 'Configure' button.
6. Uncheck the 'Trusted Connection' checkbox, fill in the appropriate user and password, without any '\' on the username. click 'Test Connection', and click 'OK' on the connection pop-up, click 'OK' to save the connection information, and click 'OK' to close the 'Select Publish Datastore Container' window.
7. Run a manual publish to publish to this container using the new credentials.
8. Confirm that the Generate Framework Manager Model extension runs successfully.