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I have a dilemna.

I have created a new metric package with years/months of 1-12. What happens when you have periods 13 and 14? How would I be able to map them in a time frame? The 13 is a catch all month, 14 is Year To Date.



i don’t think that is possible… maybe this works for you

The Quarter and Yearly values for a Metric are calculated by specifying the rollup behavior for it within the Metric Type. See
the Behavior tab in the Metric Type screen. The options are:

  • Rollup is sum of individual values
  • Rollup is average of individual values
  • Rollup is minimum of individual values
  • Rollup is maximum of individual values
  • Rollup is first of individual values
  • Rollup is last of individual values
  • Rollup is supplied by client

These can be applied individually to each of the values associated with a metric (Actual, Target, Tolerance, etc.). For all but the last of these options, the Quarterly and
Yearly values are derived directly from the corresponding Periods within them, so only Period values can be loaded.
The only way to load data at a time level other than Period is to specify in your Metric Type “Rollup is supplied by client”. By choosing this option, you are telling Metric studio not to calculate any of the rollups automatically, and that the values to use instead will be calculated externally and loaded.

Note: Metric studio does not use straight Quarterly and Yearly rollups, it actually uses Quarter-to-date (QTD) and Year-to-date (YTD). When telling Metric studio that the rollup is to be supplied by the client, it is expecting all the corresponding QTD and YTD values to be loaded. For a typical calendar year, there would be 12 QTD values and 12 YTD values.