Export not exporting everything

Ok, I must be dumb …

I choose new metric export. It defaults to choosing everything, which is what I want. I’m expecting that the files would include a tab delimited file for the business calendar (time_periods_stage). I don’t get any sort of tab delimited file like that.

I’m thinking that when I choose to export everything, it would give me everything. What am I missing?

I’m guessing I need to create the file? Blech!


When you export the complete metric store to file you export the dates as well. for example when you look at the metric value file cmv the first columns are date related. So every line (metric value) has a date.

When importing the cmv file again the calender is filled. Make sure that the calender in the metric store is initialized correctly. In other words if the cmv file contains years, months and weeks, your metric calender must have them too. :-\ Else the metric load will fail from staging to the final system tables.

The calender file is used for non default calenders like fiscal years.

have fun!