Error while using SAP EP and Cognos 10

Hi All,

I have deployed the required .epa file in EP and made the necessary changes as per the document provided by Cognos.

I am getting following Error:

Unable to process the request.

CPS-SRV-3500 Unable to read the WSDL from the target server “http://<server_name>:80/cognos10/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi/wsrp/cps4/portlets/nav?wsdl&b_action=cps.wsdl”.

WSDLException: faultCode=OTHER_ERROR: Unable to locate document at http://<server_name>:80/cognos10/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi/wsrp/cps4/portlets/nav?wsdl&b_action=cps.wsdl’.

A more detailed description of the error that occurred can be found in the log.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated as we are stuck with this issue since a long time. :frowning:

Thanks in advance.


what version of Cognos are you using and which application server? Tomcat , websphere…?
Which version of SAP enterprise portal do you use?
You can access the epa file?

Install the IBM Cognos Business Package
The IBM Cognos business package is an Enterprise Portal Archive (.epa) file named com.cognos.pct.cognos.epa. This package contains the Cognos Navigator, Cognos Search, Cognos Viewer, Cognos Extended Applications, Metric List, Metric History Chart, Metrics Impact Diagram, Metrics Custom Diagram iViews, and the com.cognos.pct.cognos.ivew.par file.

You must be logged on to the portal with administrator privileges and be able to access the com.cognos.cognos.epa file from your file system or from the network file system. If the IBM Cognos installation is not within your network access, you must manually move the com.cognos.cognos.epa file to an accessible location.

In the portal, click the System Administration tab.

On the Transport tab, click Import.

Next to Source for Package Files, click Client.

If Client is not functional, click Server.

Click Browse to locate the com.cognos.cognos.epa file, and click Open.

The com.cognos.cognos.epa file is located in the c8_location\cps\sap\package directory.

If you clicked Server in the previous step, browse for the com.cognos.cognos.epa file in the SAP_installation\usr\sap\env\SYS\global\pcd\Import directory, where env represents a directory that is different for different environments. The com.cognos.cognos.epa file must first be copied to this directory.

Click Upload.