Error while executing chart report

i am using cube as data data source to reportstudio.
I am trying to find the increase in % for a value say EAD(Measure 1) and c impact of it in PD(Measure 2)
Total columns i have are Totalyear,EAD,PD

I am using a text prompt to pass the % value.

so for ‘new EAD’ am goin folling calculation

Dragged one data item(named ‘Add to ead’) used this calculation
So again i dropped data item and made this calculation
([Add to ead]+[EAD]

for new PD am doin foll calculation

Dragged data item(‘Add to pd’)
([PD]*[Add to Ead])/[EAD]
So again i dropped data item and made this calculation
[PD]+[Add to PD]

Client requirement is to round the new pd value to nearest 100million

so i took new data item(‘Mod’) and did this calculation
mod ([New PD],100000000)

again new data item(Named New pd after rounding)
total (IF ([Mod]>=50000000) THEN
([New PD]+(100000000-[Mod]))
([New PD]-[Mod]))

I dragged Totalyear,EAD,PD, new ead, new pd after rounding columns into list report

it was all working fine with drill through capabilities.

But when i want to use chart report between Total year and new pd after rounding
am getting followin error
QE-DEF-0459 CCLException
OP-ERR-0088 A syntax error was detected near 'minimum’
RSV-VAL-0044 The member camtion can only be used in the scope of cross tab or chart

I dont understand y its working only in list and not in crosstab or chart.
I tried to make the Rollup aggregation function as Total and tried to execute the report…report is not executing it jus stopped tries to run and its taking forever.

Please help me with ur ideas.