Error \'Unable to upload, exceeded limit at line 1000\' when adding external data file

'Unable to upload, exceeded limit at line 1000' error when adding external data file

Cognos 10 allows, by default, external data files with up to 20,000 rows and a total file size of up to 2.5M, but some packages will not allow external data files with more than 1000 rows.

The ability to add external data is reintroduced in Cognos 10, and the limits on the rows and file size are controlled by two new governor settings in Framework Manager, Maximum external data row count and Maximum external data file size (KB). If a package has been imported from Cognos 8, it was published without these governors and will limit external data to only 1000 rows. Or if the governor settings have been changed and the package republished, the limits will not be the default.

The issue can be corrected by opening the affected package in Framework Manager and updating the governor settings.

1 Open the model for the package in Cognos 10 Framework Manager
2 Update/confirm the governor settings are as desired. Even you have don't need to change the settings in here, confirming them is required to update the package
3 Save the model
4 Re-publish the package