[ ERROR ] No JDBC driver could be found in classpath

I have a problem with configuration of Cognos 10.1 in distributed environment. I have three virtual servers, one for GW (WS 2008 64bit, GW is 64bit), one for AP (same OS, AP is 64bit) and last one is CM (same OS, but CM is 32bit - because of series 7 authentication is used). The content store database is hosted on SQL server 2008 64bit. When I start CM everything is OK, but when I test application tier it’s getting error:

testing database connection failed
[ ERROR ] No JDBC driver could be found in classpath.
CNC-SDS-0260 Unable to locate the class null in the class path.

When I start the service on application tier, it fails on dispatcher, but finally it’s getting status started and portal works.

I have search some information from IBM support but nothing directly about it.

Do you know what special I have to setup or where can be a problem?

Many thank for you help!

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looks like you did installed the reporting server and the content manager component on the application server. This is normally not a problem and often used for content manager fail-over.

Dave, send me the cogserver.log file after completing the following steps

  1. reboot all cognos servers first
  2. after reboot, stop all cognos services on all servers
  3. delete all log files on the 3 servers
  4. start the configuration manager on the app server
  5. send me the cogserver.log from the logs directory of the app server. If there are other large log files created please attach them too.

I’m getting the same error, Have u resolved the issue?



send me the cogserver.log (the 5 steps descriped above) file and we go from there.

Hi Dave,

Same error here! How did you solve it?



Is it SQL 2k8 R2?

If yes you need to install FP1. See here: