Error - Invalid due to change in data source

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone advise ?

I am using Cognos Now 4.6 appliance.

I have created a basic report that feeds from a view. The report works ok but when I create a watchpoint on the report and go back to the report itself - I get the message “invalid due to change in datasource”.

I then re-edit the data source and keep clicking through till the end, but the message wont go away.

I have also disabled and re-enabled the data stream and that is ok as the data is showing in the view. This used to work, but stopped working all of a sudden !

Any suggestions ?


i do not use Cognos NOW! a lot but i found this:

Invalid due to change in data source
The dashboard object is referencing a column that is no longer in the source. Edit the object to correct the reference.

Note: This requires Edit permission on the object.

good luck

Thanks for the response !

This problem was caused by enabling one of the logs in the workbench. The logs that I enabled had a knock on effect on everything else in the system.

Changing the log back to it’s original setting has resolved this problem.

Hi Alexandra12,

thank you for sharing this solutions with us! :slight_smile: